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Frustrated by daily conflicts in your program?
These books can help!


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        I Want It My Way!              

Teach problem-solving to children 2 to 8!
Become a skilled facilitator

  • Effective strategies to deal successfully with
    • children's quarrels
    • group problems
    • teacher-child conflicts
    • making and enforcing rules
    • teacher-parent conflicts
    • conflicts of developmentally young children
    • tattling, anger, chasing, exclusion and more
  • Over 15 real-life episodes help you hone your skills

Build analytical skills in young children
Help children identify feelings...

  • Engaging, fun, hands-on activities
    • in the art area
    • in the story corner
    • in the manipulative area
    • at Circle Time
    • in small groups
    • in the play yard outdoors
  • Patterns
  • Puppet shows
  • Comprehensive resource section


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Now available as a PDF file

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Comments about Sue's books:

Sue Dinwiddie is an experienced, sensitive teacher of young children and a very effective counselor to parents. In these books she shares her skills for guiding children's behavior in a systematic fashion. These books will assist teachers, parents, and caregivers in helping children resolve their conflicts more easily and amicably and will provide the children with a positive model for future problem-solving.

Jeanne W. Lepper, Director, Bing Nursery School
Lecturer, Department of Psychology
Stanford University
Stanford, California

It is essential that we give young people the skills to resolve their own problems. Sue Dinwiddie's book is a valuable resource for educators who want to help students resolve their disputes peacefully.

Margaret Marshall, Program Director
Conflict Resolution in the Schools
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
San Mateo, Califormia

Sue Dinwiddie has been a source of information and motivation for my staff. Teachers learned specific strategies for facilitating conflict resolution both in the classroom and at home. At our center the children are learning to facilitate the process themselves!

Anne Torres, Site Director
Family Service Agency, Leo J. Ryan CDC
South San Francisco, California

Sue Dinwiddie has presented her problem-solving and conflict resolution workshops to our parents and to our staff. Both groups were enthusiastic and left the session with the practical tools to meet the challenges of parenting and teaching children of all ages.

Iris Fox, Executive Director
California Young World
Sunnyvale, California

Staff reacted very positively to the problem-solving training given by Sue. She was able to assess the developmental level of each person and then facilitate growth in their competencies.

Pat O'Donnell, Manager
Child Development Program
Milpitas Unified School District
Milpitas, California

Your books are a wonderful gift to all of us who are working with children. Receiving them, and having a chance to absorb their wisdom, was a high part of this past year for me.

Connie Batten, Program Developer
Schools Project for Alternative Responses to Conflict
Santa Cruz, California

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